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Here are some 

pictures of things we do!!

3.0 Ford Taurus

This is what the 3.0 Ford engine and transmission looks like without the car. We did an engine swap with a good used unit to replace one that had been run dry on oil and locked up!

1.8 L Toyota Corolla Rebuild

This is the "almost finished" product of a fresh Toyota Corolla rebuild. We opted for this to be rebuilt because these engines are very costly to find used and they are hard to find in good shape. The customer got a fresh engine for a fraction of the cost of the ones we found used!

Project Mazda

This is an ongoing project for a customer. They were looking for some performance, and we have been delivering that for them!

Chrysler 2.7

Beginning to disassemble for a water pump replacement.... more than meets the eye!!

Chrysler 2.7 rotted water pump gasket...

Doesn't take much to make them leak!

We try to replace timing belts as a "kit" which includes the tensioner,pulleys,and, of course a new belt!!

We believe in replacement parts being oe quality!!

3.0 Honda....time for a timing belt and water pump!

This thing is bleeding everywhere and we need to fix that!!

Original timing belts should be replaced at 60,000 miles....even if they recommend 100,000! Better to be safe and not sorry!!

Very fine cracks in the timing belt can lead to failure, and SERIOUS engine damage!!

Water in an engine without coolant can lead to "popped" freeze plugs. Worst case is a cracked block. Make sure you have the proper amount of antifreeze in your cooling system. This guy got lucky!!

We believe in OEM style parts.

Pieces of an "exploded" clutch!

This clutch disc has seen better days!

This is what was left of a clutch in an 05 Mustang!

Old clutch on top....New clutch on bottom. See the difference?

Honda Passport 3.2 teardown.

This Honda engine was at another shop, where they proceeded to break more than they fixed!! They have since gone out of business, but before they did, they managed to bend all the valves on this engine in another so called repair! We are gonna fix it right!

Typical Dodge fuel pump that burnt up. If you look close you can see the wire on the left that is literally black from heat. It should be a red wire that supplies the power to run the pump.

Temporary sign until it gets warm enough to paint the big one!!!

Total rebuild on a Honda 3.2 litre.

Vtec tune!

Chevy 305